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Wise Woman Wisdom

Kala Ambrose’s

Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences

amass-logo-300px-284x300provides the opportunity for private and group online course study
via live webinars and video downloads
Award Winning Author and Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose

Kala’s Wise Woman Wisdom Course is available to you in

Twelve Unique Video Downloads


“This course is so amazing folks!!! Thank you Kala for creating it and all you put into it each month! Truly phenomenal!
For me it’s a remembering of inner gifts/knowings in an environment where they are cultivated and honored.” – J.Q., NC

 “Just want to say how grateful I am for you, Kala, and your teaching. I am reading Awaked Aura and just finished the Akashic Records webinar download. I have taken many classes with many teachers and I have loved them all BUT your style, grace and knowledge just BAM! right through this ‘ole laptop. I am going back and getting the webinars that I have missed. Many thanks for your work”. – Lee P., AZ


During this course, you will learn how to conduct rituals as they were done in the ancient mystery schools,
read tea leaves, work with sound therapy, understand the importance of portal openings,
enhance your intuitive abilities, work with crystals and gemstones and explore astral travel.


We hope that you enjoy these Wise Woman Teachings with Kala.  Please note that each video ranges between one hour and two hours in length depending upon the course topic. These teachings were recorded as Kala taught the Wise Woman Courses Live to a group over the course of a year. The course was broadcast live as a webinar, so at some times, there may be a slight glitch or bump in video or audio as occurs when teaching live over an internet connection. Due to the live recording of these videos via webinar, they are not technically perfect, but we find that wisdom and information shared are invaluable.  It is a joy for Kala to be able to teach live to groups around the world in this format as well as to be able to record these events in real time and have them available to share with you via video downloads.  

Lesson One:

Creating A Book of Shadows and Celebrating the Festival of Brigid and Imbolc

owl book of shadowsTo set the framework and reference for this year long Wise Woman Wisdom Course, we begin with creating your own personal Book of Shadows.

Your book is created from both mystical arts and spiritual sciences and throughout this one year course, you will receive guidance on rituals to write down in your book.

Also discussed in this video are instructions on how to connect with the Goddess Brighid and Celebrate the Feast of Imbolc.

In the wisdom teachings there are certain earth cycles, which open a gateway between the higher planes of existence and the earth plane. 

Wise women around the world work with this energy, helping others to launch new projects, stimulate powerful healing energy and perform weddings, as this is one of the the most advantageous days of the year to be married.

With your purchase of this video, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kala’s pdf e-booklet that serves as a companion guide to this video. Video Length: 1:34

BookofShadowsVideo1Topics discussed in this video include: 

How to Create your Book of Shadows
Wheel of the Year Calendar
Celebrating the Feast of Brighid and Imbolc
Origin of GroundHog Day and St. Valentine’s Day
Phases of Maiden, Mother and Crone, Moon Phases
White Light Energy and Psychic Protection
Esoteric Meaning of “Early Spring”
Energy Vibration between February and into Spring Equinox
History of Wise Women, Goddess Energy, Brighid’s Cross
Working with Crystals with Brigid’s Altar and Brigid’s Mantle and Wrap
Cleansing with Brooms, Herbs and Poultices


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tea leaf readingsLesson Two:

Tea Leaf Readings

“Perhaps the best way for us to begin this journey my dear, is with a spot of tea…” – Kala Ambrose

The art of reading tea leaves has long been a practice of divination used by the wise women of Chinese, Greek, Scottish, French, Irish, Eastern European, and Gypsy origin. Also known as Tasseomancy or Tasseography, (tassa means cup and mancy means divination) tea leaf reading is a form of divination using the intuitive ability to discern the meanings of the leaves and their symbols left behind in the cup of tea.

This is an ancient form of Divination that when done properly with clear intention and focus, connects us with the sacred traditions of our ancestors and the elemental kingdoms.

Glass cups with tea flower and peppermint tea against wooden backgroundBest done in a comfortable and cozy quiet environment, the entire process of sipping tea is a form of holistic healing which relaxes the mind, body and spirit and allows one to unwind and take a moment to reflect upon what is most important in life.

It is said that through the reading of tea leaves, issues are revealed regarding what is surrounding the person at this time.

This meditative practice brings focus and clarity and when done properly, can open psychic channels and allow messages from the spirit world to come through. 

Learn how the art of divination through tea leaf readings can work for you! With your purchase of this video, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kala’s pdf e-booklet that serves as a companion guide to this video. Video Length: 51 min


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tibetan bellLesson Three:

Spring Equinox: Creating an Altar for the Home

In ancient times, the lunar goddess Ostara was celebrated on the full moon, which followed the vernal equinox, which is more commonly referred to today as the spring equinox.

Join us in this course as we explore creating a Spring Altar and connecting with Ostara using sound through sacred bells.

One of the easiest ways to help boost your chakra energy is to raise their vibration through sound.  The physical body as well as the aura reacts to sound, as we know through listening to music and the effect it has on us emotionally, lifting our mood with a minute, as it releases negative thoughts from our mental field and provides a boost to our spiritual well-being. With your purchase of this video, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kala’s pdf e-booklet that serves as a companion guide to this video. 

Sound in its various forms was understood in the ancient wisdom temples and used through playing bells, gongs, bowls and other instruments to heal, soothe and to awaken our spirit and move us into new conscious states.  Sound, used in the right tone, can also clear and remove negative energy from any space. The power of sound has been forgotten for a long time, but these old teachings are coming back into the global consciousness at this time and soon you will see sound therapy used in a myriad of ways to help people. Video Length: 1:18

Topics discussed in this video include:

SpringEquinoxWiseWomanVideoHistory of the Ancient Goddess Ostara
How to Celebrate both Spring Equinox and Easter
Ancient Customs and Rituals
How to Create an Altar that celebrates the Sunrise in the East
Working with the Elements
Springing forth Abundant Energy
Exploring the Maiden, Mother and Crone phases
How to Cast a Protective Circle and Work with the Arch Angels
What does an Arch of Light mean with White Light
History of Egg Dying
What the Colors of the Eggs represent
Legend of how the Rabbit became the Easter Bunny
Using Rose Quartz in Spring Ritual work
Sound Therapy and Bells to Clear Energy



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61YMd29mjWL._SL1500_Lesson Four:

Elementals in the Garden – Working with Sacred Portals

During the two sacred portal openings that occur each day (sunrise and sunset), there arises the heightened opportunity to connect with magical beings between the earth plane and the spiritual planes.

WiseWomanElementalsintheGardenAs advanced practitioners are aware, along with these daily portal openings, magical connections can be strengthened during particular days of the week, which have mystical properties attached to them.

To connect with magical beings through the universal connection of “as above, so below”, we can choose to consciously interact with the elementals (gnomes, fairies, mermaids and salamanders) here on the earth plane to further our connection in both the earth world and the spiritual worlds.

By doing so, we tap into that magic of the old ways, which has been waiting for us to remember its name and to call it back into action in our daily lives.

Topics discussed in this video include:

Fairies, Gnomes, Mermaids and Salamanders

How the Layers of the Aura Radiate Outward

How the Elementals affect the Various Astral Planes

How the Elementals Work with Thought-Forms to Create

Portals Connected to the Number 29 and 11:11

Video Length 1:25

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Lesson Five:

Becoming an Intuitive Oracle

crystal ball“We Live In A Magical Universe, which means that the Possibilities  Of What We Can Create Are Infinite” – Kala Ambrose

Consulting the Oracle was a phrase used by the ancient Greeks to speak with the High Priestess..

The Oracles had powers of divination and prophecy and were considered to be magical portals where one could ask a question and receive answers from guides and gods listening on the higher planes.

IntuitiveOracleKalaAmbroseThe answers would be communicated through the Oracles and then given to querent.

In this course, we will discuss how to tap in to the ancient practices and wisdom of the Oracles and develop these skills to use in your daily intuitive practice.

Topics discussed in this video include:
The Festival of Beltane
Practices of May Day
Seven Sisters of the Pleaides
How to Work Intuitively Using Crystal Balls

 With your purchase of this video, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kala’s pdf e-booklet that serves as a companion guide to this video.  Video Length: 1:28



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Lesson Six:

Summer Solstice – Purifying Your Home and Office Space

salt lampWould you like to remove the old energy from your home and restore your home with positive new energy? Join Kala Ambrose as she shares how to revitalize your home and turn it into sacred space.

The focus on interior design to bring harmony between people and their homes has always been valued throughout history.  This allows positive energy (chi) to circulate fully throughout the room. But what if that’s only getting half the job done? Is it possible that along with the clutter, that we can also remove the negative energy in our home?

WiseWomanSummerSolsticeKala explains how it is possible to cleanse the “energy” in the home. “The energy in words have a sticky substance to them. They attach themselves to people, places and things, especially in homes. Take a moment and visualize every word spoken in your home during the past year. All of these words are stuck on the walls of your home, like wallpaper and each of them have energy in them reflecting off of your walls. Ask yourself, what kind of energy has been created in my home?”

Topics discussed in this video include:
Eight Ways to Consciously Cleanse Your Home
How to Connect with the Energy of the Solstice

With your purchase of this video, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kala’s pdf e-booklet that serves as a companion guide to this video.  Video Length: 1:24


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 Lesson Seven:

Activating the Aura


Since childhood, author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose has seen the aura around people, animals and nature. As a wisdom teacher, intuitive, and oracle, Kala shares her lifetimes of experience and training with her private students and in workshops around the country. She teaches others how to see auras and more importantly, how to interact with the layers of the auric fields to clear the energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields of the aura in order to reach their highest and full potential.

Join Kala Ambrose as she shares with you what she sees in the aura, how it is rapidly evolving and how you can connect with your aura and energy body to expand your awareness and capabilities on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and help others connect with their auric bodies as well.

auraactivatevideokalaambrose- Discover how the aura body functions and how it connects and represents the state of the chakra fields. Learn how balancing and stabilizing the chakras and aura nurture the energy fields, which changes according to the emotional and mental state.

- Define what’s occurring in each person’s life through the aura colors and the laws of attraction and manifestation. Learn how colors, foods, crystals and natural elements enhance the aura and how becoming aware of the emotional and mental state can enhance or deflate the aura.

In this Video Presentation with Kala, you will discover how energy cords attach in relationships, how the aura works during pregnancy, how every breathe we take affects the aura, how a depleted aura creates an energy vampire and how the aura connects during sex.

With your purchase of this video, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kala’s Awakened Aura book, that serves as a companion guide to this video.  Video Length: 1:56



Once you have purchased this item via PayPal, you will receive an email with a link to download the video course.

Once you have purchased this item via PayPal, you will receive an email with a link to download the video course.

inspiration-bags-passion-02fairy-bag-230pxLesson Eight:

Mojo Bag Designs for Love, Blessings and Protection

As a wise woman, wisdom teacher, intuitive and dream interpreter, Kala learned to make mojo bags in her native home of Louisiana. Known in her family as an old soul, her clairvoyant and psychic skills were discovered early on in her life and she was encouraged to follow her path. This began a lifetime of study which included astrology, tarot, numerology, psychometry, runes, past lives, herbs, reading tea leaves, paranormal activity, Egyptology, the exploration of ancient cultures and religions and traditional feng shui.

Kala believes that we live in a world full of abundance, inspiration and joy! The abundance of the world is available to us and we have only to believe and act upon our dreams in order to achieve our highest and best. The mojo bags she creates serve to energize and stir our hopes and dreams into action. Calling forth the knowledge of this lifetime and many others to create these mystical bags, each one holds a special blend of ingredients assembled in the old ways with the intention of divine order focused into each bag.   As a “Muse”, Kala calls upon her spirit guides and muses to inspire her artistic designs and creations. 

MakingMojoBagsVideowithKalaAmbroseKala’s Mojo Bags are filled with the blessings and magic of the universe. Inside each bag is a custom mixture of herbs, crystals, seashells, oils, feathers, plants, nutshells and other natural products carefully blended to create the energy desired. Each bag has been blessed, energized and sealed to stimulate the universal energy created.

During this webinar, Kala will teach you how to make your very own Mojo bag. Mojo bags are made to assist with love and passion, strengthening relationships, connecting with your intuition, generating abundance and prosperity, cleansing and purification, enhancing dreams, generating peace and connecting with the ancient ways.

With your purchase of this video, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kala’s pdf e-booklet that serves as a companion guide to this video.  Video Length: 1:17


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bigstock_Autumn_Wreath_2173323Lesson Nine:

Fall Equinox: Planting Seeds of Thought to Manifest Your Goals

In ancient civilizations, where agriculture was the focus of activities in the village community, the fall equinox was often celebrated in a variety of rituals and festivals, which portrayed the bounty of the harvest through abundance, gratitude and reflection. In this modern age, we are not as directly connected with the earth and the harvest season. But, it is still possible to observe this passage of time in order to express an appreciation and awareness of our connection and relationship with nature.For many cultures the fall equinox is celebrated on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels including; gathering the harvest (abundance), offering thanks for the bounty received (gratitude) and reviewing the results from the growing season (reflection). In the mystery school teachings, it is a marker of time to reflect upon the undertakings of the year, using the opportunity to transform each experience into wisdom and restore balance if needed.
During this course, Kala will share both ancient rituals and modern techniques on how to recognize and acknowledge the special attributes and powerful energy that the season brings to our consciousness on the mind, body and spirit level.
Specific techniques will be taught by Kala from the mystery school teachings on how to focus your thoughts in the mental energy field and direct them into creating what you are visualizing and wishing to see made manifest as your new goals and dreams for the future!  With your purchase of this video, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Kala’s pdf e-booklet that serves as a companion guide to this video. Video Length: 1:47



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dracula`s dining roomLesson Ten:

Working in Spirit Realm during Halloween and in the Akashic Records

There are certain pockets of time each year where the portals to spirit world are more easily accessible to pass through, both for spirits to visit the earth plane and for those of us here on earth to visit the other planes. The three days around the holiday known as Halloween, (October 30, 31st and November 1st) are one of these times where the veil is easily lifted and pierced.

During this three-day period, many people choose to connect with their loved ones from the other side. One of the ways to reach out and connect with your loved ones in spirit is to host what is described as a “dumb supper”.   The word dumb is referred to in its early origins, which means to be mute or quiet. Silence is observed during this dinner, in order to allow people to sit quietly and reflect and honor those who have gone on to the other side. It also allows for information to come through from spirit.

In the spiritual realms where the higher self resides, a record of every thought, action, word and deed is recorded for each soul. Referred to as the Akashic Records, these vibrational energy imprints remain attached to the soul through each lifetime. These imprints shape each soul’s destiny, karma and life purpose. The records explain “who you are” and “why you are here” in this lifetime. . During these portals of time, it is easier to access through the spirit veil and travel to visit your akashic records. This item Quartz Crystal Chakra Pyramid Energy Generator used during the webinar.   Time of video:  1:49


During this video course, Kala shares:


How to access the Akashic Records during this time, to take Advantage of the Lifting of the Veil into Spirit Realms

Inviting Loved Ones from the Other Side to a Special Dinner called a Dumb Supper

How to Reach a Specific Person when Attempting to Contact Spirits

Why some Messages are vague from Mediums

History of Pomona, the Goddess of Flowers and Apples

How to use a Crystal Grid to Store Your Data for Memory Recovery

Consciously Deposit information into Your Akashic Records

Using the Ankh and Cross Energy to open the Heart Chakra




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Lesson Eleven:

Reading Seashells, Crystals, Gemstones and Crystal Ball Gazing

The Live Webinar Course with Kala is scheduled for
Thursday, November 6th, from 7pm – 9pm Eastern

Since ancient times, crystals and gemstones have been used in magical rituals, energy work and deeply spiritual practices as their energy provides a powerful impact on both the earth planes and the spiritual planes. Ancient Egyptian High Priests and Priestesses used Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian for personal work on the body and in the temples.

The Greeks referred to gemstones as the bones of the Earth and used them as protective talismans, the Celtic Druids built entire temples such as Stonehenge for their ritual work and Ancient Romans turned amethyst into goblets in order to ward off the effects of alcohol.

Indigenous tribes around the world incorporate stones into their spirit healing and transformative work and modern day energy workers work with crystals and gemstones to enhance the mind, body and spirit connection and for protection and restoration in the auric fields.

Our destiny is to further understand and explore the Mind/Body/Spirit connection as we evolve in human form. It’s time to explore the vibratory power of crystals and gemstones and how working with the “Bones of the Earth and the Ocean” can enhance our connection to our world.

sevenchakrageneratorThis Crystal Quartz Pyramid and Seven Chakra Energy Generator will be used during the webinar.
The 7 Chakra gemstones in this generator are:
Root Chakra = Red Jasper Sacral Chakra = Orange Aventurine Solar Plexus Chakra = Golden Quartz Heart Chakra = Green Aventurine
Throat Chakra = Lapis Lazuli Third Eye Chakra = Sodalite Crown Chakra = Amethyst.  

Join Kala Ambrose, award winning author, intuitive and international wisdom teacher as she shares how stones assist with the flow of energy in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic fields.

The magical properties of stones will also be discussed including: how they have been used in ceremonies, rituals, spell work, magical practices and incantations by ancient priestesses, oracles, astrologers, indigenous shamans, wise women and alchemists.

The language and energy of sea shells will also be taught during this course, including how to conduct intuitive readings using crystals, gemstones and seashells. Shells can be used to form protective circles when working in the spirit realms and are an important addition to any altar being created, whether for a permanent altar in the home or for ritual use.

clamshell-250pxShapes of the shells will be discussed regarding their meaning and practical uses as well as defining which shells can be used for protection, love, romance, fertility, prosperity and intuitive abilities. Reading seashells is an art form of divination that is similar to reading runes, tarot or tea leaves. The natural energy from the ocean and the shells provides a powerful conduit to the other realms, revealing the mystical connection to the depths of the oceans and the stars above.


energy radiating around us
Lesson Twelve:

Winter Solstice – Transforming Space and Time – Astral Travel

The Live Webinar Course with Kala is scheduled for
Thursday, December 4th from 7pm – 9pm Eastern.

Wrapping up this year long course of Wise Woman study with Kala, she takes you through one of the rituals taught in the mystery schools, which explains how astral travel is used to step out of third dimensional confines and open the mind and spirit to the other realms.

Kala shares the wisdom of the Egyptian Mystery Schools including how astral travel was used to connect with the akashic records in order to restore the body, mind and spirit. She explains how we can use this knowledge to restore ourselves and connect further as our psychic sensitivities continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

Traveling out of the body can begin gently with dreams and guided meditation and visualizations before the full effect is achieved. Psychic self-defense and protective measured must first be assured in order to safely take the journey.

Kala explains the hows and why’s of astral travel and how it may be beneficial for you in your spiritual practice. Also discussed during this course is the powerful white light celebration of the Winter Solstice, as we embrace the return of Sun light in a powerful three day ritual and celebration.






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