The Awakened Aura by Kala Ambrose

Awakened-Aura-230pxSince childhood, author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose has seen the aura around people, animals and nature. As a wisdom teacher, Kala shares her lifetimes of experience and training with her students and in workshops around the country. She teaches others how to see auras and more importantly, how to interact with the layers of the auric fields to clear the energy in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields of the aura in order to reach their highest and full potential.

Over the past decade, what Kala has been seeing in the auric fields is changing dramatically. She reports that our auras are actually evolving! They are creating new energy bodies around the physical body, connecting in new patterns and forming crystalline structures to enhance our conscious evolution, including our connectivity to each other, the world, and higher planes of existence. These structures are creating powerful crystalline receivers, which allow psychic abilities to be enhanced and provide regenerative energetic force fields to heal energy from within at the cellular level. Kala shares that we are truly evolving into super-powered human beings and it’s happening first in the aura!

KalaAmbroseBreatheBooksMar2014In addition to the evolution occurring in the aura, Kala shares the wisdom of the Mystery Schools and Healing Temples including how the High Priests and Priestesses understood the aura and used it in healing temples to restore the body, mind and spirit. She explains how we can use this knowledge to restore ourselves and connect further as our aura continues to evolve at a rapid pace.


As an energy field around our body, the aura holds the energy we release from our thoughts and our emotions. It also displays the physical well-being of the body. When we can view the aura and discern what the colors, shapes and symbols mean when seen in these fields, we can take steps to release unwanted, unhealthy energy and replace them with powerful, life affirming manifestations.

Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
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Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
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Touted as the future of energy medicine, working with our auric field can potentially release blockages which otherwise may have led to disturbances in the physical body as well as in the mental and emotional fields. This inner transformation marks a historic evolution in our meta-physical bodies, as we are becoming powerful light energy beings who are able to connect with the forces of the earth and with the powers from the higher planes. Join Kala Ambrose, a powerful priestess, wisdom teacher, intuitive and oracle, and host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, as she shares what she sees in the aura, how it is rapidly evolving and how you can connect with your aura and energy body to expand your awareness and capabilities on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

auraevoheaderKalaAmbroseI’ve seen auras around people, nature and buildings since I was a little girl. For years I’ve been teaching about the aura and the energy bodies and how seeing them and actively engaging with them can change your life.

Over the past decade, I’ve noticed the most interesting thing when I would see the aura around each person. The auras are evolving!

I am seeing the energy body around auras change and grow, cords are expanding and like tendrils on plants, they are reaching out to connect within the body to the organs and chakras in new directions as well as reaching further outside the body to connect and harness the energy on an expanded scale.

This holds such promise for the future of humanity and how we are going to connect with each other on a deeper level. Once I understood what was occurring, I knew it was time to share this information with the world, to TEACH about it, to do Aura READINGS and let people know what was happening with their aura and energy bodies and to write a BOOK about the Aura Evolution, so that each person could learn how to connect and work with their expanding energy bodies.

The time is now to share this information on how we are evolving. We are evolving into Super-Powered Human Beings! Join me as I share how your aura and energy bodies are evolving and what this means for the future of the world and for humanity.

Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
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Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
on Amazon Kindle


Read on here about The Awakened Aura to see how you can connect with Kala to learn about the Aura Evolution.



- Discover what your aura body does for you and how it connects and represents the state of your chakra fields. Learn how balancing and stabilizing the chakras and aura nurture the energy fields, which changes according to your emotional and mental state.

- Define what’s occurring in your life and those around you through the aura colors and the laws of attraction and manifestation. Learn how colors, foods, crystals and natural elements can enhance your aura and how becoming aware of your emotional and mental state can enhance or deflate the aura.

-Discover how the etheric body, astral body and aura work together to enhance personal energy levels and raise the energetic vibration of you and your surroundings and the multiple layers of the aura. Learn how energy cords are created in the aura and how they attach and connect you with other living beings. – Interpret the symbolic messages of color, including what the colors in your aura mean and how to enhance your aura and raise your vibrational energy using color.

- Learn how to connect with the auras of Plants, Trees, Forces of Nature and Auras of Animals. Determine which of the five elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) give you the most strength and nurture your aura. Learn to work with these elements to enhance your aura and personal power. Uncover deep-rooted energetic patterns that are ready to be transformed in order to unleash your full potential as a spiritual being.

kalaaura- The aura changes dramatically from birth to age 7, imagine seeing the aura of a crying infant and understanding what is causing their discomfort. Read auras to create better relationships and communication with in the workplace with co-workers, and with friends and family. Seeing the auric field in teens can be extremely beneficial when they are not open to verbal communication.

- Learn how to create a white light structure for your protection. Step by step instructions on how to create a protective seal around your aura, which can be extended around your car, home, office or into objects. Create a strong line of psychic self-defense for you, your loved ones and your home.

- Restore damaged and stressed auras in need of repair and disease in the aura. Learn how to repair, cleanse, and energize the aura and how to protect and strengthen the aura. Identify the various types of auras, what the different sizes and shapes mean and what symbols can be found in the auric field.

- How to change the energy in a building, including your home, workplace or other properties and natural locations and learn when it is unwise to do so. Use your auric field to sense which buildings and spaces to avoid due to negative psychic energy patterns and residue, both in natural and man-made structures and locations.

- Release old patterns and karmic imprints in the aura that no longer serve you and uncover deep rooted energetic patterns that are ready to be transformed. Thought forms, given enough energy, can become real energetic creations and cause blocks to what you want to achieve in life. Understand how thought forms are created, what they represent and remove them. This clears the energy in the aura, creating space for new energy to enter and create a stimulus for new activity.

-Decipher symbols and other communications, which can be viewed in the aura body. Receive guidance on how to connect with your guides and learn the characteristics and how to identify the auras of non-human entities.

- Connect with the energy fields inside and outside the body and learn about the expanding crystalline structures now being created in the aura. See the aura using your third eye and feel the energy vibration of the aura in nature and people. The evolution of the aura – how these new crystalline structures forming in the auras today are altering humans on every level. Discover how it will alter the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and forever change humanity.

Kala’s Award Winning Awakened Aura Book

Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
on Amazon

Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
on Amazon Kindle



First Place
USA Best Book Awards


1st Place New Age Non-Fiction 2012

First Place
Living Now Gold Medal


 1st Place Non-Fiction Metaphysical 2012

Silver Award
IPPY 2013




KalaAmbroseHeadShotBlue2013“Explore your spirit speaks about what we all need to do; explore our spirits and be aware of our energy and potential. I believe what Kala writes about will be the science of the future. Intelligent consciousness, energy and love are what life is about. So read, explore and be educated.” — Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Faith, Hope and Healing and 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

“Many people know something about the human aura, one of our most interesting energetic aspects. The concept of evolving our energy body is unique and well worth our time, for it really is the evolution of your soul’s purpose.” — C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D, President of Holos Institute of Health and author of Life Beyond 100, Secrets of the Fountain of Youth

“A brilliant, well written book by Kala Ambrose. I highly recommend it and expect it to be a classic on all healer’s shelves.” –Colette Baron-Reid, intuitive counselor, life strategist and #1 best selling author of The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life

“Kala Ambrose has written the definitive work on the human aura and its many aspects in The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body. Her style is warm and personal, and takes you from the most basic information about auras to the most advanced in a thoroughly enjoyable and informative way. She makes this mystical thing we all have but only some see and feel understandable to everyone. This is not just a book about how to see and feel auras, it is a book about what the aura IS as energy, and how it affects the way we move through life on all levels. This book is a must-read for everyone – most especially for those interested in understanding their energetic interactions with other people and the world we live in.” — Sandy Anastasi, author of The Anastasi System of Psychic Development

Kala's Feature in Edgar Cayce's ARE Magazine

Kala’s Feature in Edgar Cayce’s ARE Magazine

“Kala is an amazing metaphysical teacher, with a deep understanding of her subject. In this well-written, personal and heart-felt book she takes the reader on a step-by-step healing journey to explore the life-force in and around us. She reveals the secrets of the auric field, its power and meaning. This is a very useful and easy-to-understand guide.” –Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, authors of The Soulmate Path, The Chakras Meditation Kit and Tarot Discovery Kit

“For author Kala Ambrose, the uncommon gift of seeing and understanding auras came to her early in her childhood. For the rest of us, we can now learn how to discern our own auras, and those of others, and interpret the messages the auric field contains. Ambrose provides us with a fantastic ‘field guide’ to auras, writing with clarity, authority and insight as she presents us with everything we need to know about what it truly means to be creatures of energy and light. This is important information for a transformative time as we head into an age of expanding awareness and consciousness, or as the author states, ‘the evolution of humanity as super-powered beings.’ I highly recommend this wonderful book from a seasoned expert in the field.” — Marie D. Jones, author of Destiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Based Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will, The Déjà vu Enigma and 2013: End of Days or a New Beginning

“Kala Ambrose’s The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body, is not a book for just anyone. It’s a metaphysical ‘must have’ for everyone. Everyone who wants to access their psychic awareness and doesn’t know where to begin, no problem, Kala will teach you how. Through the wise words and simple techniques of this beginner-friendly guide to the aura, she not only manages to enlighten her readers on a very human level, she actually does so by inspiring them to rise above it. Thus, teaching us all the most basic of Universal principles – in order to connect with the spirit of others, we must first awaken our own.” — Marguerite Manning, author of Cosmic Karma, Understanding Your Contract With The Universe

“Kala draws on her personal experiences and her extraordinary sense of perception to clearly present the evolution of auras since she first began seeing them as a child. Using her gift, she clues us into what we might expect in the future. Her observations will contribute to the body of knowledge on auras in unique ways that will help you to understand and confirm things you already sense. Rather than give pat descriptions of colors and forms, Kala’s distinct perspective provides new insights and suggests we explore and work to develop our own abilities. The Awakened Aura provides helpful ways to tune into, reenergize and revitalize our own subtle bodies at a time when we need it most.” –Debra Moffitt, author of Awake in the World: 108 Ways to Live a Divinely Inspired Life

“There are few books as enlightening as The Awakened Aura. Each chapter is sprinkled with unique insights from one of the world’s most gifted psychic mediums. Kala Ambrose writes as she speaks from her heart. Her words resonate with a profound truth that will awaken your soul to the spellbinding treasure trove of wisdom that is you.” –Elizabeth Harper, color intuitive, psychic artists and author of Wishing How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires

Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
on Amazon

Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
on Amazon Kindle

 Wisdom Teachings with Kala

header-Abundance-of-EnergyHumanity is entering a new era—we are evolving into super-powered beings of light. Our auric and energy bodies are experiencing a transformational shift as new crystalline structures form within and around our auras.

Would you like to tap into this limitless, boundless energy that is available to you every day?

How about re-energizing yourself to the point that people ask you, how do you find the time to do all that you do and still glow and grow so strong?

Even greater, how would you like to connect with this energy so that creative ideas pour into your thoughts daily, encouraging you to reach your highest potential?auraprint-201x300

As a intuitive and oracle, I see this energy around each person in their aura and surrounding energy bodies. Over the past decade, the energy bodies around each person are expanding and opening to receive greater communication and down pouring of energy from the higher planes of existence in and around each person.

The result is that we are on the way to becoming super-powered human beings!

I’m also seeing energy in certain areas of the world growing, expanding and opening further to the light and becoming lighthouses of energy, attracting others to their shores in order to raise the vibration and assist in the evolution of the area around them. Because of this, I am being drawn to teach, to meet with as many people as I can and show them the magnificence of who they are and what they can do to raise their energy, to raise the energy of their loved ones and to raise the energy in their communities, creating lighthouse centers in every location.


Now you can study how to see and work with the aura at my school,
The Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences

No matter where you live, you can study with me online via group webinars, video courses and private study. 

amass-logo-300pxDuring the Awakened Aura Course, you will…

- Explore the Seven Techniques from the Healing Temples and Mystery Schools, which include Color, Light, Sound, Crystals, Botanicals, Dreams and Nourishment.

- Enhance your Energy Field in order to communicate with the spirit world

- Walk the High Priest/Priestess Path of Light to Open and Balance the Heart Chakra using Rituals from the ancient Egyptian teachings.

- Examine the Intuitive Past-Life Exercises used by the Oracles of ancient Greece.

- Connect with the Natural Forces and Work with the Elements.

- Practice Sacred Rituals including activating the energy of the pyramids

- Cleanse and Remove Disharmonious Energy from the Body to Rejuvenate and Restore the Energy Centers.


auracle-definitionIn my work, I explain how to complete this process in Three Steps:

lightsensoryauricleThe first step is understanding that:

1. “We Are All One, One Energy from One Light. Let Us Band Together as Humans with Love for All of Humanity, Living Each Day in Harmony as We Explore Our Spirit.” – Kala Ambrose

Step Two is – To Accomplish this Goal of Oneness, we must connect with Spirit and Awaken to the Divine Purpose within Each of Us. I explain this concept in the teaching of:

2. “Spirit does not exist in just one location; rather it is all encompassing, living within and amongst us in each moment, thought and action. I believe that Spirit is raised to it’s highest level, when individuals gather with wisdom, compassion and a discerning desire to provide service to humanity”. – Kala Ambrose

This leads to Step Three, which Activates our Energy Fields which are Evolving and Ready for Us to Engage With Them. I am seeing Step Three come into action now with many people and I believe that…

3. “In this new decade, we are moving into a new Age of Enlightenment. The Aquarian information from the gods can no longer be contained, the Divine Feminine is being released in all her glory and we will once again see a Renaissance period, where great art, architecture, philosophy, literature and science will develop and flourish. During this decade the greatest minds will stir, to share, to illuminate and to build and create works and ideas that will be marveled around the world.” – Kala Ambrose

Please join me as I journey to spread light, love and joy and interact with others from around the world. Together, we will expand the energy within ourselves and then share this positive light with every person, place and thing we encounter. We are on the way to creating a brand new world for each of us, from the inside out!

Visit the Academy of Mystical Arts page and sign up to study a variety of wisdom teachings courses.

I look forward to sharing this time with you as we co-create together.

Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
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Buy Kala’s Book
The Awakened Aura
on Amazon Kindle





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KalaHeadshot2014“Have you always wanted to study esoterica under a master teacher in one of the ancient mystery schools, but didn’t know where to go or who to ask? Kala Ambrose has performed a marvelous service for all those wish a working knowledge of the venerable wisdom teachings. Respectfully, reverently, Kala distills the essence of many of these mystery schools into 9 Life Altering Lessons. With Kala as our guide, we cannot be misled in exploring “the magical universe in which we reside.” – Brad Steiger, Revelation: The Divine Fire

“Kala brings to her writings the legacy of a lifetime of studies in ancient wisdom and new thought spirituality. Along with this is insight gained from her numerous interviews with some of the leading edge authors in the above fields. This buoyant spirit has much to offer for both long time students and for those searching for a path as well”. — Peter Calhoun Author of Soul on Fire: A Transformational Journey from Priest to Shaman

“I have known Kala for some time as a friend and associate. She has a depth of knowledge in the genre of the esoteric that far outweighs those of her peers and her new book reveals the ancient spiritual truths our ancestors found on their journeys across the millennia. If ever there was a time for such knowledge to come forth then this is it, and we would all do well in our personal, work and wider lives to listen to the words of wisdom from the depths of the human experience expounded in this book.” — Philip Gardiner Author of Gnosis: Secrets of Solomon’s Temple Revealed

“In 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools, Kala Ambrose offers a practical guide for those of us who want to learn more about ourselves, our world, and what lies beyond. Fitting for a time in which we are continually questioning everything that we “know” to be true, Kala’s book invites us to explore ancient teachings, also known as soul teachings, in order to bring these lessons into our everyday lives. A compassionate, articulate, and wise teacher, Kala reminds us in 9 Life Altering Lessons that there may be many paths, but only one destination”. — John Kachuba Author: Ghosthunters: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers and Other Investigators of America’s Paranormal World

“Sweet, clear and inspirational, Kala Ambrose’s beautiful book is for anyone who thirsts for the pure water of self-understanding… in its pages, she gently reveals the secrets of the ages…the secrets that if lived and loved by, can heal, inspire and create anew in our lives…” — Lucy Cavendish Author: White Magic, An Inspiring Guide to an Enchanted Life

“Kala, I Love your guided meditation CDs- I have all three of them and listen to one or more of them every day. You have an exquisitely beautiful voice and you are by far my favorite guide ~ I love that you create such positive images, your language catches my heart and spirit and resonates so strongly that I feel physically drawn into growth. In general, you are an exquisite gift. Thank you”. — Deb, Colorado

“Hi Kala, I’d like to share with you – since the first evening after I began reading your book, I have enjoyed the most incredibly, vivid dreams of my entire life! It’s obvious to me that there is a correlation. They are sometimes very pleasant and uplifting, and a few have been “not so pleasant” in their content, but I have not felt any emotional disturbance about them. They have clear meaning and important messages for me. In fact, it feels to me they are clarifying and providing a beautiful cleansing for unresolved emotional issues from years back. I have always been someone who received Guidance during my dream state, but this has taken it to another level. It’s as if a “life review” is occurring with the most amazing feeling of love and understanding, so that I can be free of any burdens from mistakes in my past. It’s so cool!! Thought you might enjoy knowing that. I sincerely believe the loving Energy of your beautiful spirit comes through powerfully in your book.” — R.B. Maryland

“Where do I start? How about, from the bottom of my heart thank you Kala! I finished your book a while ago now and it has had, and continues to have, deep and profound implications for me. I was going to write this email when the positive changes started to peter out or stop but they just keep on coming. What did I learn? In short, I discovered self-love. And it is truly transformational. Without self love you feel like a hungry ghost, I’ve been searching (and discovering) for such a long time without any, or very little, permanent change. I would discover something, that good feeling would be fleeting, or I would know the information I’m learning is truly wise, however, like a ghost it would just pass through me. Love has the most potent seed of, dare I say it, life-altering power imaginable, and it is this book that gave me the breakthrough I really needed.” — Adam P, Australia

Dear Kala, Love your work, you are a great interviewer and speaker! Thank you for helping to transform our world. Love and Blessings — Vanessa, Gold Coast QLD Australia