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niki_fountainWhen someone says “Goddess Energy” or “Divine Feminine” what do you think of?  I think for many people words like intuition, wisdom, and balance come to mind. Being a geologist, when I think of the Goddess, I think of one of my favorite crystals- Moonstone.  Moonstone is the quintessential stone to represent the Goddess Energy and, like the Goddess herself, can be very powerful.

So is moonstone from the moon? One might think so since the Goddess is also associated with the moon but the name in fact came from its milky and moon-like appearance.  Scientifically I can tell you that moonstone gets its beautiful sheen from the fact that it reflects light internally.  And as a spiritual person, I recognize that this is not a coincidence as it’s much like one working to connect with the Goddess- the need to reflect on things inside ourselves.

Mystically this stone is vibrating with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy. It helps to create a reflective and calming energy and, because it is connected to the Divine Feminine energy, can assist in strengthening intuitive and psychic perception.  Obviously it is a very feminine crystal and helps women contact the goddess within.  Don’t feel left out gentlemen – this stone can help you connect with your feminine side too- something that is often forgotten.

There are many different ways you can incorporate the moonstone crystal into your daily life.  My favorite way is to use the Goddess soap and lotion that I created for my metaphysical line of bath products, Celestial Farms.  As with all of the products created in the Celestial Farms line, celestial_farms_product_linewe add charged and blessed crystals to the Goddess soap and lotion- in this case we add moonstone. By adding the moonstone to the bath products you are able to connect even further with the Goddess energy and carry it with you all day. And a bonus is that when you’ve used the soap or lotion up you have a small moonstone crystal to carry with you.

If you prefer to buy a moonstone crystal I recommend, as with any crystal or gemstone, that you cleanse and charge it before using it or carrying it with you.  There are many methods to clearing and cleansing a crystal and not all are safe for all crystals. So please keep in mind what I suggest here for moonstone may not be applicable to other crystals.  As we talk about different crystals in the future I’ll talk specifically about what methods are best in each case.

For moonstone I recommend first cleansing the stone with water.  I first place the stone under running water to remove any physical debris that may be present, such as dirt or dust.  The best place to do this would be in a stream with running water or in the ocean surf- this would allow the crystal to not only be cleansed but also be charged with the energy from the water in a more natural setting. But if that is not an option for you simply placing it under running water in your sink will work too. I do this for several minutes to be sure the crystal is well cleansed.

Now that you have cleaned your crystal physically we want to remove any energetic debris that may be attached as well. Crystals can absorb the energy around them, positive or negative, so we want to remove that before we open ourselves up to the stone. My preferred method is smudging. Simply light a bundle of white sage and let the smoke swirl around your stone.  I’ll also have a small dish of salt next to me to absorb any of the negative energy coming off the stone.

The next step is to charge your moonstone.  There are a number of methods to do this but I think the most powerful is to use the moon, preferably when it’s full. I would suggest doing this for several nights so start one night before the full moon and let the crystal absorb the energy through one night after the full moon. You simply place your stone outside under the moonlight and let the moon do its work.  If it feels appropriate to you, you might say a few words to the moon and the Goddess, asking them to bless the stone and charge it with their energies.  Do what feels right to you and what feels most natural. After the third night your stone is ready for you to use in your daily practice as you see fit.

More About Niki Fountain….

serene2Serene Bath & Body was the vision of its owner and founder, Niki Fountain. As a young woman, Ms. Fountain, like many girls her age, found herself with a poor body image and did not treat her body with the love and respect it deserved. Through the years she was able to overcome this and realized that everyone, especially young women, needed to learn to care for and respect their bodies. This eventually inspired Celestial Farms. The inspiration was one of creating products that would help young girls and women learn to love their bodies and treat them well by using high quality products that nourish the body, the mind, the spirit and the soul.  Ms. Fountain earned her Masters Degree in Hydrogeology and has a professional background in developing and perfecting soaps. She spent two years in a university laboratory as a hydrogeologist developing soap formulations to be used to “clean-up” chemicals that had been spilled into groundwater. She has been applying this experience and knowledge ever since while working in the environmental industry, cleaning up sites that have been contaminated with chemicals. She has since taken this knowledge and experience and applied it to developing and perfecting formulations of soaps for people. Additionally, being a geologist, she is intimately familiar with crystals and gemstones and both their physical and metaphysical properties. She uses this knowledge while creating new formulations that include various combinations of soaps/lotions with the appropriate crystals to obtain an array of desired outcomes (relaxation, invigoration, etc) More info at:

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